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Suggested Courses
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SkillShare (One membership, UNLIMITED ACCESS)
– Coding for Beginners:
– Website Development with Python & Flask:
– JavaScript for Beginners:
– Complete React Basics 101:

❗ All point of views are my very own as well as not my company’s.

– Front-End Developer by Meta:
– Java Programming & Software Engineering by Duke:
– Crash Course on Python by Google:
– Introduction to Programming with Python & Java:
– Back-End Developer by Meta:
– HTML, CSS & JavaScript for Web Developers:

A few of these are associate web links, as well as I might gain payments from certifying acquisitions. Utilizing these web links is the most effective means to sustain me at no charge to you!

– Google IT Automation with Python:
– Meta Android Developer:
– Google Project Management:
– Google IT Support:
– Google UX Design:

– Meta Database Engineer:
– Google Cloud Data Engineer:
– Google Data Analytics:
– Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate:

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Advised Books (Full List
– Grokking Algorithms (Beginner):
– Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript:
– Python Crash Course:
– Cracking the Coding Interview:
– Automate uninteresting things with Python:

☁ Cloud
– Google Cloud Security Engineer:
– Google Cloud Machine Learning Engineer:
– Google Cloud Engineer:
– AWS Cloud Solutions Architect:
– Microsoft Azure Developer Associate: