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Computer Software and Operating Systems | Lec 8 | By Tawqeer Sir For JKSSB etc


Intro to Computer Software.
Kinds of Software:
1. System software application: Operating Systems, Device vehicle drivers as well as Language Translators.
2. Software: General Purpose Software and also Specific Purpose Software.
3. Energy Software/ System Utilities.
Linker as well as Loader.
ntroduction to Operating Systems.
Features of an Operating System.
Kinds Of Operating Systems:
1. Set Processing Operating System
2. Solitary User Operating System
3. Multi User Operating System
4. Multi-Tasking Operating System
5. Time Sharing Operating System
6. Live Operating System (RTOS).
Interface: GUI and also CUI.
Some Important Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows as well as Macintosh.
Mobile Operating System: Android, Symbian, iphone as well as Blackberry.
MS-DOS (Microsoft-Disk Operating System).